Race rules

The official rules of the VIII cycling Ultramarathon PIERŚCIEŃ TYSIĄCA JEZIOR (eng. The ring of a thousand lakes) 2019
1. Organisers:
KS Uznam
Vinci Projekt
Rowerowy Lidzbark

2. Organizing Committee:
Commander of the race Robert Janik
Referee – Cezary Dobrochowski
Start/finish manager – Oskar Szproch
Large time stations manager – Tomasz Gapiński/Wacław Żurakowski/Henryk Huzar
GPS Operator – Weronika Janik
Race doctor – to determinate

3. Date, place and programme:
The Ultramarathon will be organised on 29-30.06.2019.
Race office – Świękitki 1a, 11-135 Lubomino
Neutral start – 29.06, 8:00 am from Świękitki (distance around 0,5 km)
Official start – 29.06, 8:05 am from Święktiki
Finish line – Świękitki

28.06.2019 (Friday)
10:00 – 22:00 – racers registration at the race office
18:30 – technical briefing at the race office
19:00 – 22:00 – pre-race party („pasta party”)

29.06.2019 (Saturday)
6:00 – 7:00 – racers registration at the race office
8:00 – 10:30 – official start (racers will grouped in 6-person groups starting every 5 minutes)
12:00 – 14:00 – official start of team category competitors

30.07.2019 (Sunday)
5:00 – the expected arrival of the first riders
18:30 – closing ceremony, decorations and post-race party
22:00 – the race route is closed (expires 40 hour time limit)

4. Accommodation:
Accommodation before the start and at the finish line to be organised by the racers themselves. Suggested locations:
Race office in Świękitki – free campsite (toilets, shower, running water, fireplace);
Guesthouse in Pityny (2,5 km from the race office) – 16 beds (http://siedliskopodgorze.eu/galeria.html);
Guesthouse Miłakowo (5km from the race office) – 16 beds (http://meteor-turystyka.pl/izba,milakowo.html);
Guesthouse Wilczkowo (6 km from the race office) – 20 beds (http://udziedzica.com.pl/index.php).

5. Aim of the race:
promotion of road cycling and bicycle touring
providing racers with the opportunity of completing the distance of 610 km in a non-stop bicycle race
investigating the physical and mental limits of participants
promotion of sponsors, offices, associations and city authorities that supported Time Stations
qualification to the XI Bałtyk-Bieszczady Tour 2020

6. Race route and rules:
the distance of the race is 610 km; experience in long distance cycling is necessary;
the sum of the elevations is about 4000 m;
the official route will be published at the latest on 15 June 2019;
official start will take place in Świękitki (about 0,5 km from the race office);
6-person groups will start in 5-minute intervals;
time limit – 40 hours for open/solo category, 38 hours for T1 category, 36 hour for T2 category and 32 hours for T-4 category)
large time station – Rutka-Tartak (305 km) – hot meal, shower and bed;
7-8 time stations – fruits, drinks, packed lunch;
participants of race, who for important reasons will be forced to stop the race, should notify the organizer of this fact
a competitor who will leave the designated route is obliged to notify the Referee about the place, time and the reason for the incident. He has the right to continue the race from the place where he left the designated route. In case of a significant distance from this place, it may return to the route of the Race with the help of third parties or use public transport.
a competitor who plans to move away from the Race route (restaurant, accommodation, etc.) should notify the Referee of this fact
at the all time stations the competitor is required to sign the list
finish line – hot meal and pasta party.

Additional information:
the competitors will receive detailed map from the locations of all time stations during technical briefing;
a racer who withdraws from the race must inform an Official; if necessary the racer will receive assistance;
a racer who leaves the race route is obliged to inform a Referee about the place, time and reason why he/she left the route. He can continue the race from the place of leaving. In case of significant distance from the place of leaving and place of stay, he can return to the route using help of other people or public transport;
the racer who plans to stay in the place not visible from the race route (a restaurant, hotel, etc.) is obliged to inform a Referee about the place and time of leaving;
at specified Time Stations and Large Time Stations bicycle service and buffets with food and drinks will be prepared.

7. Participation and equipment
The Race is designed for endurance cyclists with very good physical condition and experience in long-distance cycling.

The requirements for race participants are as follows:
18 years old or older
written statement about participation on their own responsibility and awareness of their own health condition
an extra liability insurance at the time of the race is recommended

Obligatory equipment:
lights at night and in case of limited visibility: front light (white, lighting up the road) and back light (red, blinking light is allowed);
reflective elements during the day: front light (white) and back light (red);
identity card or passport;
mobile phone (mobile number must be given upon registration).

The race entry fee includes:
food at 4 to 5 TS (details will be described during technical briefing before the start) including a warm meal at 1 LTS (incl. coffee, tea, resting area);
a warm meal at the finish line;
free bicycle service at defined TS’s (racers pay for parts only, not for service);
a paper map;
access to the campsite (toilets, shower, running water, fireplace);
a GPS track (available after June 1st);
1 bags for personal things (e.g. clothes) to be repacked at LTS;
participation at post-race party;
personalized commemorative medal with information of the racer’s time result;
technical guidance;
starting numbers for the bicycle, helmet and back side of the jersey;
liability insurance;
gifts from sponsors;

8. Penalties
Detailed list of penalties will be published in a separate attachment.

9. Anti-doping control
The organizer reserves the right to conduct anti-doping control during the race or directly after the race.
The method of conducting the inspection and its scope will be given at the technical briefing directly before the race.
Control may include mechanical doping.
The control will concern the category winners and designated players.
The list with the numbers of players designated for control will be posted in the race office or at the designated control point.
The time necessary to carry out control at the checkpoint will be deducted from the total time of the player’s ride.
Failure to submit to the control results in disqualification.

10. Registration and the race entry fee
the submission form has to be completed and sent from www.pierscien.1008.pl or via email to zgloszenia@1008.pl
registration form can be optionally sent via traditional post service

Registration submission
Within 14 days of registration submission the racer should pay:
60 PLN / 15 EUR / 20 USD (if the racer fails to pay on time the registration will be cancelled. The registration fee is not a part of the race entry fee and cannot be refunded)
Race entry fee
before 30.04.2019 – 260 PLN / 65 EUR / 80 USD
30.04.2019 – 31.05.2019; – 310 PLN / 75 EUR / 90 USD
after 31.05.2019 – 360 pln / 85 EUR / 100 USD

Registration of accompanying persons
Accompanying person receives vouchers for food catering (including: pasta party on Friday, a warm meal on Sunday and for the post-race party) and is entitled to use the infrastructure of race base

before 30.04.2019; 35 PLN per person / 8 EUR / 10 USD
after 30.05.2019; 40 PLN per person / 10 EUR / 12 USD

11. Resignation
In case of resignation from participation in the marathon:
before 30.04.2019 – 100% of the race entry fee refunded (also applies to the accompanying persons)
0.04.2019 – 31.05.2019 – 75% of the race entry fee refunded (also applies to the accompanying persons)
after 31.05.2019 – no refunds

Transfer of the submission to antoher person.

Until 31.05.2019 is possible to transfer the submission to the another person. The person who resigns from the start should indicate the person who will start for him. The person who want to participate at the race should send the application via internet page oraz email and pay only the registration fee (60 PLN).

Due to the fact that in 2019 the limit of participants is 200 riders plus 50 people associated about the start determines the order of Registration submission.

Bank account details:
11-135 Lubomino Świękitki 1A
PLN: IDEABANK 30-19500001-2006992658550002
USD: IBAN: PL45 2490 0005 0000 4000 3262 1689
EUR: IBAN: PL32 2490 0005 0000 4001 0010 4338
Title: Pierścień Tysiąca Jezior or The ring of thousand lakes
Prices in EUR/USD are calculated at the exchange rate of 4,5 PLN =1,0 EUR = 1,2 USD

12. Final resolutions:
the ultramarathon will be organised independently of weather conditions;
the racers ride without external help;
organised help of third parties on the route and at the time stations is absolutely forbidden;
the racers are allowed to use food and drinks at the time stations and/or to buy products in the shops by the route;
use of other transport means apart from the bicycle is forbidden and will cause disqualification of the racer;
the organizer reserves the right to withdraw a racer if the medical crew stated his/her lack of ability to continue the race or in case of breaking regulations described in this document;
a racer is responsible for technical condition of his/her bicycle;
the organizer is not responsible for events which might occur during races’ transportation before and after the race or any cases of disservice for racers and third parties;
the organiser takes no responsibility for collisions or accidents during the race;
every racer participates in the race on his/her own responsibility;
a participant, signing Registration Form, accepts the rules of the Marathon, permits his/her personal data processing in the organiser’s database for marketing purposes and placing his/her name, surname, birth date and place of residence on the race website according to the act on Personal Data Protection of 27 Aug 1997 (Journal of Laws 2002, No. 101, item 926) and receiving emails according to the act of 18 Jul 2002 (Journal of Laws 2002, No. 144, item 1204). He/she is entitled to view his/her data and to edit it;
the organiser is entitled to interpret the rules at their own discretion;
the racers are obliged to comply with traffic regulations in accordance with the Polish Law on Road Traffic;
every racer is obliged to know the rules of the race.

13. Additional information:
All the information may be provided by Robert Janik (+48 512-451-65; tour@1008.pl), Anna Janik (+48 51-573-311, info@1008.pl)
*(the rules may slightly change)